Cree Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors

Fire Eyes was a female elder of the Cree tribe who lived in the territory now referred to as Canada.  This community leader was the original visionary of a powerful prophecy that echoes the primary teachings of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.  Her message is inspirational and fundamental to all of us who value the ancient wisdoms, the preservation of Mother Earth, and the sacred medicines.


These were her words as they have been handed down from generation to generation:


One day the greed of the white man, Yo-ne-gi, will cause the fish in the river currents to die, the birds to fall from the skies, the waters to blacken, and the trees to be unable to stand.  


In this time, out of necessity, we will need to preserve the traditions, legends, rituals, myths, and the old customs of the original communities so that they show us how to recover our health, restore harmony between people and the Earth, and reestablish respect and love for our peers.  Those who undertake this sacred task of remembering and sustaining will be the key to the survival of humanity, and they will be known as The Rainbow Warriors.  


The day will come when some people will awaken from their lethargy to forge a new world of justice, peace, liberty, and respect for the Great Spirit.  The Rainbow Warriors will carry and transmit the values of this new world.  They will spread the knowledge that they carry to the inhabitants of the Earth, to the inhabitants of Elohi.  


They will teach the rest of the children of the Earth how the Great Spirit lives and show them how this world has moved away from the Great Spirit, and how for that reason humanity and Earth are falling ill.  The principles of these teachings will be the same ones that the original communities and first peoples lived by.  The Rainbow Warriors with teach the people of Earth about unity, love and comprehension.  


They will take these teachings of how to reestablish harmony between people to the 5 corners of the Earth.  They will teach the people how to pray to the Great Spirit as their predecessors had, allowing love to flow like the beautiful currents that descend from the mountains in channels that unite with the ocean of life itself.  


And once again the joy of being accompanied by loving brothers and sisters and the joy of being alone will be reborn.  Those who encounter this joy will be free from the pettiness and ugliness of envy, and they will love their peers like brothers, without regard to the color of their skin, their race, their ethnicity, or their religion.  Their hearts will be inundated with happiness as they once again become one with the rest of creation.  Their hearts will be pure and will radiate warmth, comprehension and respect for humanity, for the natural world, and for the Great Spirit.  


The people of the Earth will once again dedicate their minds, hearts, souls, and actions to the purest thoughts to be able to aspire to the magnificence of the Master of Life, the Great Spirit.  They will call on the strength that lies hidden in the beauty of a heart-borne oration, of prayer, and in the solitary moments of life.  


The Earth’s children will run free and enjoy the treasures of nature of Mother Earth, free from venoms and the destruction generated by the Yo-ne-gi and his greedy practices.  


The rivers will run clear and clean as they once did, the forests will be abundant and full of beauty, and there will be countless birds and animals living as one with the people of the Earth.  The powers of the planet and of the animals will be respected, and the conservation of all of the beauty of the world will convert into a way of life.


The poor, the sick, and those in need will be cared for by their brothers and sisters, and that care will be an integral part of the daily lives of citizens of the Earth.  


The leaders of communities will be chosen in the old way; not according to their political group, nor for being the one who shouts the loudest, nor through a process of exchanging insults and mutual accusations: They will be chosen to lead because their actions are proof of their character and ability to lead.  They will be chosen as chiefs and leaders according to how they express their love, their wisdom, their courage, and their values, and they will have acted for the greater good of their entire community throughout their lives.  They will be chosen for their qualities and not for the quantity of money they possess.  And just in the way that the great chiefs of old did, they will use their love to understand and ensure that the children and young people of the community are educated and raised with love and knowledge of their environment.  


Unfortunately, Fire Eyes’s vision is coming true.  Native peoples’ lands are being destroyed by mining and lumber companies, oil conglomerates, and industrial cattle farming and agriculture.  These corporations are Yo-ge-ni made large, and their impact is devastating.  When native forests and jungle are destroyed, water, oxygen, endangered species, medicinal plants, sacred medicines, and the wisdoms that those lands bestowed on the people who have always lived there disappear.  When will we wake up to the fact, as a species, that we can’t eat and drink dollars?  Hopefully before the birds fall from the sky and the waters blacken.  


It is our prayer at the Eagle Condor Alliance that individuals around the world continue to rise to the challenge of being Rainbow Warriors.  Our daily lives, including our professional pursuits, need to be aligned with the reality that if we fail to rise to that challenge, our children and grandchildren may not have the opportunity to drink clean water, breathe fresh air, and learn from Ayahuasca, San Pedro Cactus, and the other sacred medicines of the Americas.  They may never have the opportunity to swim in the crystalline waters of the Amazon or see a condor in flight.  We need to act courageously and unite to make sure that they can.