In our 3 houses, Casa Pachamama, Casa Tambor, and Casa Sonaja, each participant is invited to rejuvenate, reflect and rest in real, comfortable beds with fresh linens, towels, and bedding.  Most of our bedrooms have their own dedicated bathrooms, and all bathrooms (private and shared) have hot water showers.  The fireplaces in the living rooms, and the kitchens are fully operational, and there is fresh mountain water to drink from the tap.


These beautiful country homes are set high in the peaceful forests of the mountains outside of Medellin, Colombia.  Spectacular views of the Colombian Andes and of the distant city far below spread out below. The ceremony site, Makha Wakan, is one house down from Casa Sonaja and Casa Tambor and on the same property as Casa Pachamama (pictures coming soon!).


At ECA, we place importance on group integration and the connections and friendships that form during retreats. We share our meals, ceremonies, and the common spaces of the houses as a family.  If you are coming to a ECA retreat with a friend or a family member, we will make every effort to house you together, and we offer special pricing for individuals who share a bed or a room.


During such a transformative experience, your personal space becomes a sacred zone in which you process what each ceremony shows you, and we believe that is best done in a comfortable, clean and soothing atmosphere.  Guests hoping to travel with a family member or as a couple may share a room, but we do expect couples to honor the guideline of not having sexual relations during their retreat.  Additionally, most participants will find themselves seeking time to meditate on and incorporate the knowledge and teachings that have come up during and after ceremonies.  If you choose to share a room with a travel partner, be sure that you can process your experience in that person´s company.


If you are seeking a transformative self-encounter with the sacred medicines of the Americas, we hope to see you down here soon!