Members of indigenous and modern cultures alike realize that we are living in a time of tremendous transformation.  For indigenous cultures in the Americas, the ancient Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor embodies this revolution.  The prophecy tells of a time when the people of the North, represented by the Eagle, and the people of the South, represented by the Condor, awaken to the realization that they are more capable of consciousness, love and awareness when unified.  In American shamanism, the union of the people is made possible by the parallel spread and unification of the ancestral medicines. Eagle Condor Alliance’s name and mission are derived from this great and beautiful vision.


The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor foresaw this current awakening as well as the period of materialism and violence that preceded it.  The time of the Conquistadors and Colonizers took place during what is known as the 8th Pachacuti, a period of 500 years that began around the time that Columbus sailed to the Americas. The 9th Pachacuti has now begun, and we are witnessing an unprecedented expansion of consciousness as a result.


The prophecy states that in ancient history the human race was split between those of the Condor who pursued intuition, love, and connection with the Great Spirit, sometimes referred to as the feminine path, and those of the Eagle who would pursue intellect, industrialization, and science, or the masculine path.  The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor found its way from the Amazon, to Ecuador, to Mexico and Central America, and eventually to the Hopi and Lakota Nations of the North.  In the 1970s, as the prophecy spread, Ayahuasca traveled out of the Amazon, San Pedro Cactus descended from the Andes, and Peyote extended itself out of the deserts.  As a result, these sacred medicines, as well as the Temazcal ceremony from the North, are now available to millions of people from the diverse nations of the world.


At Eagle Condor Alliance, our central mission is to nourish consciousness, love and awareness by being the bridge between the international community and the ancient traditions and sacred medicines of the Americas. We are ultimately concerned with conserving the forests of Mother Earth where these medicines, traditions, and wisdoms are found. The 7 Generations Foundation represents ECA’s commitment to conservation of land and tradition.



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