We fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor by uniting humanity around one fire with the sacred medicines. Together we create a new consciousness based on self-knowledge, love, and the ancestral memory that resides in each of us.   

Our mission is to liberate at risk land in the Amazon rainforest where our elders, traditions, and medicines come from.  This land is the green lung of the planet where fresh air and drinking water is born.  We dedicate 15% of all of our revenue to land conservation, and another 10% to our elders in need.  We also conduct food, medicine, and clothing drives for indigenous communities in the Western Amazon.  By studying the medicine with ECA, you contribute to that work. 


Our retreats are designed for individuals who have the desire, dedication, and intention required to focus on their own transformative processes.  At ECA retreats, participants learn to study both their fears and their blessings, and that work is difficult. We do not recommend coming for a recreational experience, but rather for a self-encounter that can change the way you view yourself and live your life.