Healing With All of the Sacred Medicines

  • We offer all of the sacred plants of the Americas in one powerful and rejuvenating 10 day retreat. Ayahuasca, San Pedro Cactus, and Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremonies each have their own unique spirit, tradition, and way of reconnecting us with ourselves. We believe that using these plants together in guided contexts creates the most profound and curative spiritual experience.


Intensive Plant Medicine Immersion Experience

  • The demanding itinerary of ECA retreats requires that participants approach the medicine with respect, reverence and strength.  These medicines lead us to confront both the beauty and darkness in each of us, and will power is needed to maintain consistent focus on our internal transformations during the 5 plant ceremonies and 2 sweat lodges that we share. 


Our Commitment to the Individual

  • Each participant comes with his or her own past experiences, health concerns, goals, ambitions, medical history, and intentions for the retreat.  At ECA, retreat groups are kept small and intimate.  The group is attended to by 3 bilingual facilitators and 2 experienced healers who are committed to creating bonds of trust and compassion. Those bonds form the foundation for the healing processes of participants.


Experienced Healers and Ancestral Medicine

  • ECA’s healers have been finding, harvesting, and preparing their own medicines to the benefit of their respective communities for over 25 years. They offer these gifts from Mother Earth in their purest forms. ECA’s medicines are never altered or mixed with other substances or plants.  They are provided with respect and love in traditional, ancestral ceremonies from the Amazon and North America.


The Setting – Colombia’s Natural Beauty

  • ECA’s retreats are held high in the Andes Mountains outside of Medellin, Colombia in spectacular setting.  Lush, green deciduous forests combine with tropical vegetation at 8,500ft above sea level to form a truly unique and breathtaking backdrop for our own internal transformations.


Comfort and Rejuvenation

  • Comfort is a crucial element in this reviving and re-energizing experience.  Participants at ECA retreats: sleep in comfortable, soft beds; take hot showers; eat delicious, healthy cuisine; drink fresh mountain water; walk outside without being devoured by insects; can opt-in or opt-out of any retreat activities; and are given ample alone time for reflection and self-examination.  The mild climate also helps us rest.


Convenience and Price

  • Fly direct into Medellin’s international airport for a fraction of what it costs to get to Cusco, Leticia, Iquitos or other locations, and arrive at the retreat center in under 30 minutes via our private transport.  No special vaccinations or injections required.  We provide all food, housing, and on the ground transport in order to make our retreat relaxing and hassle free.