The 7 Generations Foundation’s mission is to conserve invaluable and irreplaceable forests and natural resources in Antioquia, Colombia and in the Putomayo, Colombia which are under threat of destruction.


We are currently in the process of registering ourselves as a 501C3 in the United States, and as a non-profit organization with the ACNC of Australia.  These registration processes will allow us to receive donations more easily from willing contributors who are moved by the medicine to preserve Mother Earth.  We are motivated to do this work in order to honor the spirits and lives of our ancestors, going back 7 generations, and to honor the lives of our future family members looking forward 7 generations.

If you feel a calling to donate your time, talents, energy, or money to our cause, please contact us.  Alone we can’t do much, but united we are a force capable of outstanding feats.